Hello, hello, hello!

*Fun fact: A donut a day keeps the doctor away.

I’m Caro (kAH-roh) Martinez, a multidisciplinary designer and Communication Design graduate from Texas State University. I've previously worked as a designer at Landor & Fitch's Chicago office and am currently working as a designer for Target's Brand Design Lab.

Growing up creating art, loving, listening to and playing music, it was no doubt that as soon as I discovered the world of design, I would instantly fall in love with its endless possibilities to create.

I enjoy creating work that has a personality of its own and being able to take the user on a memorable visual journey. Making an idea tangible to the user and allowing them to have a positive experience and feel something while interacting with that idea is my design goal. I’m a firm believer that with strong typography, any project can be a good one.

In my quarantine free time, you can catch me digging my hands in a good bag of lemon chips while rewatching Guardians of the Galaxy for the 1,000th time. I’ve also found it very relaxing to rake my backyard, despite the consequential allergies.

I don't know why  
you say, “Goodbye”,
I say, “Hello”


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