¡JAHA! Conference

Brand + Identity
Motion Graphics



¡JAHA! is a conference designed for Latino comedy and culture and its contribution to design/design inspiration for designers in states with heavy Latino population like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. This conference is open to all designers seeking to gain more knowledge on the Latino culture and how to appropriately design for it, all while having a good laugh.

The logo is created with a bold, characteristic font that is representable to common Latin cultures. The name ¡JAHA! mixes the Spanish “jaja” and the English “haha”, while the tagline “Viva la Risa” means “Long Live Laughter”.

The color palette has expressive and colorful fiesta colors to represent the culture’s warmth and liveliness. The way this conference is designed allows the audience to immerse themselves into the loud and loving culture and become “familia”.