Ochos Tequila

Brand + Identity
Art Direction
Product Design
Product Photography

Graphis New Talent 2020 Trademark Silver


Rebranding for Tequila Ocho, renamed Ochos, the world’s first Single Field tequila company based in Arandas, Jalisco Mexico. A tequila made the old fashioned way, Ochos prides itself with its tradition, quality, execution and taste.

Since “ocho” (eight) is so vital to the brand’s story (view process work), the logo is created with eight geometric agave leaves in the shape of figure eights. The primary typeface used for the brand’s name is custom-made with angles cutting through the letterforms that match the logo’s agave leaves.

The bottle is designed with a clear label on a green tinted glass bottle to further establish the quality of Ochos, which is the 100% pure agave flavor without the use of any chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers—the purest form of the true taste of tequila.

Agave Fields in Mexico Photo Courtesy: Tequila Ocho