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Graphis New Talent 2021 Silver Award

Design for the ordinary things in life, the objects that don’t get too much attention. People don’t give too much attention to lipbalm branding, so I wanted to challenge myself to do a project where I tackle making an ordinary product extraordinary.

The lipbalm takes inspiration from one of the greatest films in history—The Godfather. The name Omertà comes from mafia termonology, “Code of Silence”. The logotype and typefaces chosen give a classy feel, while the copy makes the product approachable to the audience.

The colors chosen are a black and creamy white with a pop of bright scarlet to keep the main focus on the typography and copy of the brand. The product shape design is chosen to mimic a tiny briefcase.

Just when you thought you were out, Omertà pulls you back in with a lipbalm for dangerously soft lips.