Pearl District Editorial




The Pearl District Editorial piece showcases the history of San Antonio, Texas’ Pearl District and its revitalization. It includes everything from the history of Pearl’s famous 19th century beer to the culinary and cultural destination it is today.

This user-friendly newspaper can be used as a personal tour guide for tourists or anyone visiting/living at Pearl. It includes a list of the community’s amenities—food, shops, entertainment, and its support of local businesses, as well as a map guiding the user where to find these resources.

Each page is designed to resemble the various buildings and architecture found at Pearl and how they have been restored since Pearl’s re-opening. The mix of Sans and Serif fonts used throughout the editorial further emphasize the idea of blending the “old with the new”, embodying the harmony that can exist between the two.

Although the piece contains factual information, that’s not all it has to offer. As the user reads on, they embark on a journey full of fun twists with quirky pull-quotes pertaining to the content of each page to keep the user engaged and hopefully make their day. Each page remains classy, yet fun just like Pearl’s atmosphere.