The State of Black Design

Brand + Identity
Art Direction
Social Media Campaign


Branding and identity project/social media campaign design for The State of Black Design—a virtual panel moderated by Omari Souza, MFA Assistant Professor at Texas State University. The event is a two-hour virtual discussion, hosted by Texas State University's Graphic Design program, featuring an amazing line-up of prominent Black Graphic Design Practitioners and Academics. The open conversation is segmented into four focused panels: Industry, Pedagogy, Black Design Organizations, and Design Activism. The event takes place on September 18 and is open to anyone wanting to get involved in learning more about the subject and take part in this discussion.

The fonts chosen are bold and make a statement, just like the impact of this panel’s subject. The colors chosen are two cool-toned and two warmed-toned colors paired with black and white, showcasing the unity and complementary that all the colors can create when working together.

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